Stretch and Breathe

Private Sessions 
Take private lessons in yoga and/or mindfulness to zero in on your goals and get personalized instruction based on your health, body type and lifestyle.
We offer tailored lessons to meet your personal needs, help you perfect the basics as well as expand your wellness practice.

It's important to integrate yoga and mindfulness into your life and into your regular workout program as it is beneficial on so many levels. It can help prevent injury, relax muscles, and keep you flexible. Furthermore, the additional benefit of reduced stress and increased oxygen levels from breath awareness can give you an overall sense of balance and well being.

Taking privates will help you to cultivate your practice in a safe student-centric environment to focus on your specific needs. Whether you are just beginning your exploration of yoga and or mindful meditation, or wish to evolve your practice, our privates are thoughtfully architect to meet you and your needs, wherever you are on your wellness journey!